Video: Thomas Partey’s passing key to Arsenal’s success in the Premier League

Jonny Whitmore, who leads Stats Perform’s Data Analyst team, employed three new sophisticated models to analyze a pass by Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey.

The models used are:

1. Expected Receiver (xReceiver) 2. Expected Pass Completion (xP) and 3. Expected Threat (xThreat).

Thomas Partey’s passing whether long or short has been very key in Arsenal’s outstanding performance in the Premier League.

His ability to read an opponent’s intended movement through the midfield has been described by pundits as great.

Thomas Partey has been praised by former Stoke City manager, Tony Pulis for his performance in midfield for Arsenal.

“Partey keeps everything together in midfield. He has been a really good player for Arsenal this year,” said Pulis to BBC Radio Live.

“This is the first season where Partey has properly established himself as a massive player for Arsenal.

“In recent seasons, a lack of fitness and form has meant that despite being talented, he wasn’t always the most reliable player in Arteta’s squad for a number of reasons.

“This season, however, he looks absolutely transformed.

“And if Arsenal do go all the way and win their first Premier League title since 2004, then the Ghana international will have earned his medal as much as any of his teammates,” he added.

Below is the video:

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