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‘The 2024 Elections Will Be A Cool Chop For NPP’ – Prophet Badu Kobi

Ghanaian cleric, Prophet Badu Kobi has dropped his ‘divine’ prediction about the upcoming 2024 general elections.

The well-known man of God who is known to be giving predictions on happenings in Ghana made this known in a recent submission during a church service.

Badu Kobi

In his submission, he said;

“The opposition will say, no! There will be chaos because it will be declared, it will be declared that the ruling party has won again and the opposition will say ‘no’ this time and the opposition will get support.

The person on the seat and those who are on the seat will say ‘still we won’t get up’ and there will be chaos. We need to pray. I repeat, we need to pray.

Listen to me, I said this in 2016 and I am repeating it every day. Until there is change, Ghana is not going anywhere.”

Meanwhile, he has slammed social media users and critics over their series of criticisms.

According to the man of God, no amount of criticism and hate from the public can send him to his early grave.

He added that he will not allow anyone to frustrate him to die as some Nigerians did to late T.B Joshua because he always spoke the truth.

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