Patric Pfeiffer unlikely to move to Eintracht Frankfurt

Patric Pfeiffer is set to depart SV Darmstadt 98 this summer. His agent’s comments on the talented defender’s current situation.

Pfeiffer certainly has his sights set on the Bundesliga before the start of the second half of the season. Even if the Lilies lose the promotion race, the 23-year-old central defender should be on the move next season.

Pfeiffer is being pursued by many Bundesliga teams, including those from Hoffenheim, Augsburg, Frankfurt, and Cologne. Due to his contractual circumstances, the 1.96-meter tall defender with four goals this season is drawing attention: Pfeiffer’s contract with Bollenfalltor is about to expire, and in the summer he will be a free agent.

His agent informed “Kicker” that the player has a desire to join a team where “the whole package” appeals to him. The final decision, though, cannot be anticipated before April. Meanwhile, Pfeiffer’s agent believes that a transfer to Darmstadt’s regional rivals Eintracht Frankfurt is “unlikely.”

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