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Outrage as Meek Mill drops footage of video shot at Jubilee House

American rapper Meek Mill was one of the guests at the Afro Nation concert in Ghana over the Christmas holidays.

A rough riding powerbike session, claims of his phone having been pickpocket at an event, fighting off hoodlums before getting on stage to perform and meeting with the president at Jubilee House, were some major highlights of his time in Accra.

Meek Mill is back in the United States but his name is back in the trends here in Ghana.

On late Sunday, January 8, 2023; the rapper posted an Instagram reel announcing that he was set to release a new track.

It turns out that portions of the said video were shot in and around the Jubilee House during his visit.

Meek Mill is sighted in different places at the presidency, from the frontage, through the main corridors, in the main conference hall – at a point positioned behind the presidential lectern – and later in a sitting area rapping.

Some social media users are incensed about what they describe as near desecration of the presidency, citing moral and security grounds.

Major influencers on Twitter, especially have attracted comments that are largely critical of government for allowing such sensitive areas to be filmed for a music video.

It must be noted, however, that a portion of the commenters are justifying it, stating that it is not too much of a big deal.

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