Nigel Gaisie to be Banned From Prophesying?

Prophet Nigel Gaisie has received a strong warning regarding his forecasts from Rev. Osei Karikari Annor, Head Pastor of the Assemblies of God Christian Center in Kumasi.

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Nigel Gaisie, the founder and leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, need to be prohibited from prophesying in the nation, according to the man of God.

His remark follows Gaise’s extensive prophecy-releasing for the year 2023, specifically to a nation he called “The Republic of Yemp3 Nokware.”

“It is high time we cautioned that young man to stop what he’s doing because he’s actually making a shame and joking with the whole issue of prophecy. He’s not doing anything right and shouldn’t call himself a national prophet because he’s disgracing himself and the prophetic ministry. That guy is a joke,” the pastor said.

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On January 2, 2023, the head pastor asserted that Nigel Gaisie always releases conditional predictions on December 31. This assertion was made on the Prime Morning Show on Joy News.

While this was going on, Prophet Nigel Gaisie made a number of prophesies that, with the exception of those that are prayed against due to their unpleasant nature, were certain to occur in 2023.

Gaisie described prophesies pertaining to a country he claimed to be named “The Republic of Yemp Nokware”; this country resembles Ghana in terms of the occurrences Gaisie had to witness in the spiritual realm.

At the watch night ceremony in 2022, he began his prophesy session by claiming that his statements were from the spiritual realm and not the material one.

“I want to say this is a disclaimer, I am in the spirit and I am in the church behind the pulpit. I am not talking in my human sense, I am talking as a spiritual person.

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“The intention is not to cause fear and panic, prophecies are utterances led by the spirit of God through vision, trans and dreams and our five senses,” he added.

He mentioned three scriptures that backed his position on prophecies being divine and continued: “On the strength of these scriptures, I repeat again, I am not prophesying to the nation and people of Ghana.

“If you are in Ghana, you can respectfully log off or switch off your TV, I am prophesying to the Republic of Yempɛ Nokware.”

The prophecies bordered on his newly found republic, there were copious pronouncements on a number of West African countries and on global events, especially as relates to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China and the Vatican.

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