‘My Lookalike Is Doing Well But he should be Careful not to chop on my head’ – Fameye Warns

Fameye has provided a different viewpoint in the aftermath of talks over claimed lookalikes of prominent Ghanaian musicians and how their social media activities are incorrect.

Fameye applauded his lookalike on UTV’s United Showbiz, which aired Saturday, April 15, 2023, for behaving himself after he began roaming around on social media like the others.

According to Fameye, he was tempted to hunt him up after hearing that a gentleman claimed to resemble him and was calling himself Junior Fameye.

When he checked out the guy’s page, he was surprised to see a resemblance, especially from his days of ‘Nothing I Get’ when he was struggling to find his feet.

The ‘Praise’ hitmaker also expressed his admiration for Junior Fameye’s dedication to his music, claiming that he has almost dueted all of his songs and published them online.

According to Fameye, this made him very happy since, if nothing else, people who follow the gentlemen but do not already know him will continue to listen to his music.

After admiring Junior Fameye and all the positives he finds in the doppelganger fad, the award-winning artist was quick to warn that his lookalike should never begin to imitate him by collecting money from fans to play shows in his name.

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