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‘My Husband Is Sleeping With My Elder Sister’ – Lady Reveals

A lady has taken to social media to share what she discovered in her marriage.

According to this lady, she gave birth last and since then, her husband has refused to touch her so she sought advice from social media and after implementing the advice, she caught her husband having an affair with her elder sister.

She indicated that she is 24 years old and her elder sister is 34 years old. Read how she discovered her husband was cheating below;

In other news, a Nigerian lady Lara Kudayisi has narrated how she ended up fasting 40 days for a man who dumped her after doing 15 abortions for him thinking it was the devil trying to rob her off her marital happiness.

Speaking to Chide, Lara Kudayisi disclosed that this gentleman promised her marriage and claimed he was going to marry her after the 15th abortion but then came back a week after the 15th abortion to end things with her by dumping her for another woman.

She immediately went into denial instead of holding the man responsible and as a Christian, she felt the devil was trying to rob her off the marital bliss this young man promised her and that is how she ended up fasting 40 days to get a man who wasn’t interested in her back again.

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