Men Don’t Want To Marry Us Because We Are Virgins – Lady Cries Out

A lady has sparked an uproar on social media after lamenting bitterly over how men have refused to marry them because they refused to open their legs to them before marriage.

The lady identified as Peace Loise took to her Tiktok account to announce that she is a virgin and has committed herself to staying pure and untouched for her future husband.

However, her resolve and stance do not sit with men as they no longer prefer virgins and does not have a clue what caused that change.

She said they deserved praise and admiration for maintaining their virginity for the men.

The Kenyan woman claimed that it is depressing to learn that all of their hard work has gone unnoticed by men.

In addition, @Peaceloise advised guys to consider them when looking for wives, as they are still around.

Reacting to her outburst, one @chiesom wrote; So the others are not pure cos the Hymen is broken ?? Sharaaap In pawpaw’s voice.

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