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LUNAC Price History: Asset to hit $1 Soon?

Lunac Price History: Although previous performance should never be used as a predictor of future outcomes, understanding LUNC’s price history can provide us with some helpful background when analyzing or creating our own terra classic price predictions.

The LUNC coin has been around since May 2022, but we’ll concentrate on that version since it’s important to remember its key features.

In July 2019, terra first appeared on the open market with a price of about $1.30. This price quickly turned out to be a bit of an overvaluation, and it dropped to below $1, where it stayed until the beginning of 2021, when the token crossed over $1 and moved to achieve a periodic high of $22.33 in March.

After declining during the next months, it recovered later in the year and reached a high of $103.33 on December 27.

In the first few months of 2022, what was then known as LUNA had some remarkable price movement, reaching an all-time high of $119.18 on 5 April. It plummeted after the catastrophe, reaching an all-time low of $0.00001675 on May 13.

The coin’s closing price on May 28, when the new LUNA and the old LUNA were both created, was $0.00009566. The bear market was reinforced by the announcement that the crypto-lending platform Celsius (CEL) had stopped allowing withdrawals, which sent LUNC to a low of $0.0000517 on June 18. Late in August, the cost skyrocketed, reaching $0.0002252 to end the month.

On September 8, 2022, Terra Classic reached a high of $0.0005888 following the disclosure of plans to impose a 1.2% tax on blockchain transactions. The suggestions were approved on September 21, however the price of LUNC fell the next morning, on September 26, 2022, to around $0.000185.

By midday, however, the price had risen significantly, with the cryptocurrency trading at approximately $0.00031 after reports that the South Korean government had contacted Interpol about Kwon and, probably more significantly, when Binance (BNB) stated that it will implement a 1.2% burn on LUNC trades.

Prior to settling down to trade at about $0.00029 on October 12, 2022, it reached a high of $0.0003613 on October 2, 2022. After the FTX (FTT) exchange failed and went bankrupt, LUNC fell to a low of $0.000148 on November 22 before somewhat recovering to reach $0.0001658 on November 30.

The price rapidly increased the next day after it was revealed that Binance had burnt more than six billion LUNC, reaching $2 by December 2.

Let’s look at some of the price forecasts for Terra Coin published on December 2, 2022. It is crucial to note that price predictions are frequently off, particularly for something as potentially volatile as cryptocurrencies. Long-term crypto price forecasts are frequently generated by algorithms, therefore they are subject to change at any time.


A fairly upbeat short-term terra classic cryptocurrency price forecast from CoinCodex stated that it might hit $0.000187 by 7 December and $0.000222 by 1 January 2023. Technical analysis on the website was deemed neutral, with 15 indicators producing bullish indications and 12 producing bearish ones.

DigitalCoinPrice – Lunac Price Prediction

The LUNC cryptocurrency price was predicted by DigitalCoinPrice to trade at roughly $0.000212 this year, $0.000453 the following year, and $0.000627 the following year. The website predicted that LUNC’s value by 2025 may reach $0.000780. The prediction indicated that the value of LUNC may be $0.000948 in 2027, $0.00133 in 2028, and possibly $0.00188 at the end of the decade.

The website then predicted the price of Terra Classic for 2030, stating that it might trade at $0.00255, before asserting that it might stand at $0.00346 in 2031.

CaptainAltCoin – Lunac Price History

Lunac Price History: In terms of its LUNC price forecast, CaptainAltCoin was quite pessimistic, predicting that the currency might drop below $0.0001 by January 2023 and only marginally rebound to $0.0002 by December 2023. The site predicted that the coin’s value may drop to zero by December 2027 in its terra classic price forecast for 2025, but that was as optimistic as this projection could go.

Its predictions for 2030 and 2040 for the price of Terra Classic showed no signs of optimism, indicating that the site thought LUNC might remain a dead coin.


Finally, when it came to forecasting the price of Terra Classic for 2023, Wallet Investor was optimistic. According to the website, the coin’s value might increase to $0.000499 by December 2023 and possibly fall to $0.00186 after five years.

It is crucial to bear in mind that cryptocurrency markets continue to be very volatile, making it challenging to anticipate with any degree of accuracy what the price of a coin or token will be in a few hours and much more challenging to provide long-term projections.

As a result, forecasts made by experts and algorithm-based forecasters occasionally turn out to be inaccurate.


If you are willing to invest in cryptocurrency, it is very advisable to conduct your own research. This article is not an investment advisory but for education and information only.

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