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Let train our children to use the internet wisely – Blogger Nathaniel Quaye

Ghanaian entertainment and lifestyle blogger Nathaniel Quaye is one of the few positive bloggers making impact and hammering on the positives on the use social media.

Over the years the blogger has been speaking on the era of social media and it positive impact on the youth.

Together with his team has been engaging students and various stakeholders on how social media can create more opportunities when use properly to the advantage of our growth as a nation.

Blogger engaging students

He engages students on how they can use the internet wisely and why is it very necessary to merge their studies with the internet.

Speaking to him exclusively, shares an insightful message on how important for young Children to be nurtured to use the internet properly to avoid any abuse.

“We have seen a lot of children putting up indecent behaviors on these apps which is very worrying, and I think as a people we should do more in orientating these young ones no how to use social media and other relevant spaces to improve on quality education and bridge the gab of illiteracy, he said.

He also stressed on why we should start now before it becomes too late to tackle.

“I believe we are not too late in addressing some of these issues. I wouldn’t want my children to grow up facing these issues so have to in my own way help fight this canker”.

The blogger also encouraged the media to advocate content friendly for kids other than showing unnecessary herbal doctors and spiritual men daily.

Nathaniel Quaye is the CEO of Anansesem media, Public relations for singer Iona reine and also the editor for Youngprs.com.

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