Lady Claims She Sleeps With 20 Men In A Day

A stunning statement about her extreme sexual drive was made by a Nigerian woman.

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A lot of relationships have ended because of the Lady’s revelation that she can sleep with 20 guys in a single day.

She also talked about the circumstance that caused her to have relationships with her fiance’s father and brother.

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Her words:

“I just want to make a little confession, my s*xual urge is just something else. I can sleep with 15 men a day without feeling anything.”

“We can enter the same cap and next thing I’ll want to have s*x with you I don’t know how to control it.”

“The man that is supposed to marry me, I’ve slept with his father and even 2 his brother. I need someone to help me. I’ve lost 2 relationships already. I really need help.”

In the video, she didn’t quite reveal her identity so as to maintain her privacy and dignity.

What do you think about this saga and what do you have to tell the young lady who is chained in the pool of s–xual urge?

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