“I was Chilling In The Bahamas” – Twene Jonas Finally Breaks Silence On His Alleged Death

Twene Jonas, a cranky Ghanaian social media pundit resident in the US, has refuted reports that he was fatally murdered in New York City by an unidentified gang.

A TikTok user going by the name Nana Agyemang announced the death of the loud-mouth socialite known for viciously criticizing prominent Ghanaian public figures, including politicians, celebrities, and pastors.

A video he shared paying tribute to Twene Jonas reveals that the internet personality was killed on Tuesday, April 3, 2023, according to the account’s anonymous manager.

A hit has now been made on Jonas since it is thought that he may have been a target of assassination due to his constant criticism of prominent Ghanaians.

After weeks of Twene Jonas’ fake reported death, he made his first public appearance and reacted to the hoax.

The well-known political critic angrily denied the rumours of his demise while speaking on camera in a self-made film on the streets of New York.

Twene Jonas said in the video that his social media silence was due to a trip to the Bahamas.

Later, he hurled harsh insults at the TikToker who had posted the false news of his passing on his TikTok page first.

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