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‘I Think The President Is Tired…’ – Says Baba Sadiq As He Reacts To Meek Mill’s Alleged Video Shoot At Jubilee Hous

The founder of the 3 Music Awards, Baba Sadiq, has taken to social media to suggest that the president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, is tired of being the first gentleman of the country.

His suggestion is in reaction to a freestyle video released by American rapper, Meek Mill, which is alleged to have been shot at the Jubilee House in Ghana.

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In a post sighted on Baba Sadiq’s Facebook wall, he stated that if Ghanaians asked President Akufo-Addo to leave office today in a nice manner, he would probably accept and do so since it is pretty obvious now that he is tired.

The CEO of the Wildaland Festival asked why the President and the people who manage affairs at the Jubilee House will sit aloof and allow Meek Mill to fly a drone over the seat of government to shoot a video for his freestyle.

‘I think the president is already tired and may possibly hand over power if he is asked nicely. I mean what is this? What’s this? A rapper who has since fallen off, flies a drone over the seat of the presidency? Holy cow,’ he wrote.

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In the aforementioned video, Meek Mill is seen taking shots at the presidency from various locations, including the frontage, the main hallways, the main conference room, where he was seen standing behind the president’s lectern, and later in a sitting area rapping.

It should be noted that the seat of government has not come out to state whether they authorized the shooting of the video or not, even though a lot of Ghanaians, just like Baba Sadiq, have expressed their disgust over the video on social media.

In the last few hours, however, Meek Mill has deleted the video from his social media handles.

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