I Don’t Care- Asantewaa Dares Eyram to Release Her N3k3d Videos

The feud between Eyram, baby mama of Yolo star Cyril and Asantewaa never mitigates but escalates each and every day. This time around, has escalated to a level that is very worrisome.

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Asantewaa has dared Eyram to release her nudes because she does not care.

In a post on her Instagram page, Asantewaa said that Eyram had threatened to publish those upsetting recordings and images because she was refusing to return the money that she had supposedly defrauded her of.

Asantewaa requested in her post for her fans tag bloggers to visit her page to view the videos Eyram had threatened to disclose.

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She continued by saying that she would take every money Eyram had taken from her because she had already taken $6,000.

Her full post on IG reads: ‘Let’s start tagging the bloggers please 🙏😂 Daavi pls weda nudes or no nudes u will still pay my money. You guys have payed 6k. I will take every bit left unless u kill me❕’

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