I Can Boast Of 2 Cars and A House After Being on Radio For 25 Years- Kwame Adinkra

One big face in the Journalistic fraternity, Kwame Adinkra has finally made the world know what he has been able to acquire after being on radio for 25 years.

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Kwame Adinkra was questioned about his background and skills as a journalist by Oliver Khan in the Pure Fm studios in Kumasi.

There have been numerous accounts from former journalists who, as a result of their poor wages and lack of assets, either retired or quit the media industry. According to an interview Kwame Adinkra gave recently, his tale isn’t any different from those of other people.

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He has almost 25 years of professional experience as a journalist, according to Kwame Adinkra.

Kwame Adinkra unexpectedly disclosed that, throughout the 20 years of his radio career, he has only been able to accumulate 2 cars and a house as assets.

“I have done radio for 25 years and I have 2 cars and a house….” he stated.

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