How to operate forklift with zero experience

When it comes to operating heavy machinery, few things are as crucial to know as the right way to drive a forklift. After all, think about it. When you’re using a forklift, you’re probably doing so in a warehouse.

This warehouse is filled with thousands and thousands of products, which in total could constitute millions of dollars. One wrong move in this warehouse and an improperly trained forklift driver could cost the warehouse a fortune in broken products.

Now before you start moving on the forklift, you should do a quick pre-operation check to ensure that everything on the machine is in order. The specific checklist you run through will depend on the forklift manufacturer, but you’ll generally want to check the oil and fuel levels, brake lines, tires, and fork condition at a minimum.

Operating a forklift is never a race. Instead, remember this quote: slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. If you want to get the job done quickly, then start by moving slowly through the motions. That way, you won’t make any mistakes that will take lots of time and money to fix.

Last but not least, as you’re operating the forklift always stay vigilant as to what’s happening around you. Don’t text or daydream as you’re driving, or you might find yourself clipping a shelf.

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