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How To Increase Your YouTube Views In 2022

Even if you do not have a larger number of subscribers, there is still a possibility that you will receive more views. Your video’s Video SEO and the material it contains determine how many views it gets. The more effective the SEO, the greater the number of people who will view the videos.

Beginning on a platform that already has a following is a good first step since it will help you attract more people.

If you decide to begin with a YouTube channel, there are a number of preliminary tasks that need to be completed.

Name: In order to properly identify your channel, you will need to give it a name. Your name might serve as the basis for it. Or you may enter the name of your topic.

Cover Page: Produce a one-of-a-kind portrait that distinctly represents you. It might be a symbol or a logo. Creating a logo is simple and may be done for free online.

When you submit a video, you need to make sure that the form is completely filled out. Include the appropriate keywords for the most successful searches. Make use of the description to offer links to websites that are pertinent.

Be sure to provide any and all credits for any and all photos, video clips, and trademark names that were used. Learn more about how the publishing industry defines “fair usage.”

If you want to add your voice to your video, the easiest way to get high-quality audio is to use a high-quality headset. If you want to find your greatest speaking voice, you may consider taking a course in voice acting or reading up on the topic. Accents are hip and may make your product seem more authentic to a certain region.

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Blog – Create a blog on which you will upload your videos in order to increase the amount of traffic and views your channel receives. Additionally, additional remarks may be included. It’s possible that additional videos that interest you and that you enjoy are shared on your blog. Sharing what you enjoy and giving support to other artists and presenters is at the heart of what the web is all about. Because it is a Google service, getting started with Blogger is the simplest option.

Production Values: I don’t believe there should be just one standard for it. Choose a format that complements your own sensibilities. Acquaint yourself with the various film and production techniques. Is this a demonstration of your filmmaking abilities or a movie on a current event that will be used for either news or entertainment?


When it comes to traffic on a website, the quality of the visitors is more significant than the overall number. At the very least, you will receive search traffic if you configure your uploads so that the form is already filled out. Have cover photos that appeal to the people viewing the search results. There are several that are animated in the feed, which I have seen. Develop a video upload profile that corresponds to the nature of your material. Is there humor in it? Is this a serious matter? Is it sad? Is it angry? Is it instructive in any way? “Emergency Awesome” is an excellent illustration of a video channel that I frequently watch. Another is “In Deep Geek”. Both of these works are focused on voiceovers and make use of fair use photos or video snippets. There haven’t been any new productions in quite some time, however “Timey Wimey Puppet Show” is a good example of a video based on a puppet show. (At this point, I believe the author solely does live events.)

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