Hearts of Oak midfielder Abdul Aziz Nurudeen close to making full recovery from injury

Ghanaian midfielder, Abdul Aziz Nurudeen is praying to stay away from injury when he finally resumes action with Hearts of Oak.

The midfielder has been top-class for the Phobians in the last two seasons but has been massively affected by injury setbacks.

He started the 2022/23 season on a bright note but has been missing in action for several months due to an injury.

Now close to making full recovery, Abdul Aziz Nurudeen says he prays he can finally be injury free.

According to him, he is coming back stronger in 2023 and will bring his all to the table to help Hearts of Oak.

β€œComing in from the cold. Training harder to get back on field and praying for injury free forever and ever. Watch out the space. The kinda fire man is bringing in 2023 is so fearsome,” the midfielder said in a post on social media.

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