Great Olympics General Manager Oluboi Commodore provides road map to getting rid of poor stadium attendance

General Manager of Great Olympics Oluboi Commodore has shared how to get rid of the poor stadium attendance in the Ghanaian top-flight.

Poor attendances have been recorded over the past weeks on match days in the Ghana Premier League.

Speaking to Akoma FM in Kumasi, the experienced football administrator called on government to pump money into the local league in order to curb player exodus, a contributing factor to the low patronage of the domestic league.

“Most fans are facing financial difficulties, aside that, most of the results are determined by referees, and recently e-ticketing is also a major factor for the low attendance”

“Moreover, the league lacks quality players because most of our players want to leave after a short season, and teams get pressurized should they decide to block player transfers”

“The only way to end this low attendance is for the government to block players’ exodus by enforcing enacting and enforcing laws on player exodus. Government must pump enough funds into the league to maintain quality”

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