God Has Given Me 47 Prophecies So Far, Number 14 Very Scary and It Is About IGP- Nigel Gaisie Scares IGP

Controversial man of God, Prophet Nigel Gaisie does not want peace!

Despite that the IGP has warned Ghanaian prophets against prophesying tomorrow, many prophets have turned a deaf ear to the caution and among these stubborn prophets are Nana Agradaa and Nigel Gaisie.

Nigel Gaisie has insisted that God speaks through prophets, hence, he would still go ahead to prophesy tomorrow, 31st December, 2023.

Nigel Gaisie has said that he has received 47 prophecies from God as it stands now and among them is number 14, which happens to be about the IGP.

“We are not scared of the prophecies because we speak the mind of God not humans. Already God has revealed 47 things to me and there could be more. Before midnight Saturday, we could get more”.

“God has revealed a lot of things to me and I’m not alone. Other prophets have also received prophecies. We are ready to speak the minds of God so Ghana police should avert their minds to the serious in the country and leave the prophets and church to do the work of God”.

“If the spirit of God is in you, you say it as it is, you don’t get scared. There will be prophecies on Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, and England. We have prophecies on IGP. Prophecy number 14 is about the IGP. I’ve seen something about him so I will say it. I’m surprised he is acting that way because he is Pentecostal,” he said.

“The best way to differentiate between fake and real prophets is whether their prophecies manifest. No prophet has a 100% record on prophecies. It can never be 100% because we pray against some of things and we also sometimes see things halfway. The sign of boldness is also another factor,” he said.

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