Freezy MacBones is a beast; Sarkodie lauds Ghanaian UK-based boxer over iconic win

Ghanaian boxer Freezy MacBones has on the admiration of Sarkodie, Edem and other Ghanaian celebrities after going viral following his latest victory in the ring.

The UK-based boxer was involved in just his second professional fight on Saturday as the undercard of Joe Joyce vs Zhilei Zhang on Saturday night.

Facing veteran Darryl Sharp at the Copper Box Arena in London, the Ghanaian UK based boxer completely dominated his opponent in his debut bout that now makes him a light-heavyweight champ.

After his win, Freezy MacBones who was a labourer in Ghana before travelling to the U.K, delivered a powerful yet emotional victory speech that has viral. In video circulating on social media, he recounted how he came from nothing to something.

I work so hard towards my dreams and I never give up. I never let anyone let me down. I put myself to the limit. I don’t sleep, I run 4 o’clock, 5 o’clock like a mad man. People see me like, what is this guy doing? Now, this is the answer for those people who have been asking” he said.

And I am so proud of myself, my mum, my family back home, they are all watching me and I have made them proud because I come from nothing, there was no light, there was no water,” he added in the video below which has caught the attention of Ghanaians and some celebrities.

Commenting on the video, Sarkodie said “Just seen some clips of this champ and had to look him up … Beast“.

Actor Prince David Osei and rapper Edem have all joined fans to celebrate the boxer whose real name is Seth Gyimah.

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