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Fans gush as James Gardiner shows off adorable son [Photos]

James Gardiner
James Gardiner

On-screen sweetheart, James Gardiner, has broken the hearts of his female fans after sharing a photo of his adorable son.

James has been tightlipped on his private life, but the photo he shared on Instagram has suggested to fans that he is steadily building a family.

This would be the second time he has publicly shared photos of the lad, whom he calls by the moniker, TY. The first was to eulogize himself on Fathers’ Day.

The latest photos captured the father and son having a bonding moment in a place believed to be their home.

With a wide smile on his face, he cuddled his son whom he shared a matching cornrow hairstyle with.

Despite the striking resemblance and the love emoji he captioned the photo with, ‘doubting Thomases’ left many comments challenging his paternity.

However, the actor, in one of the replies to his fans indicated the child is 100 percent his blood.

This was all the fans needed to hear to shower compliments on both personalities.

Others also applauded James Gardiner for his exemplary model of fatherhood.

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