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Ethiopian Airlines Suspends Two Pilots Who Fell Asleep And Missed Their Airlines During A Flight From Khartoum To Addison Ababa

Two days ago, an Ethiopian Airlines(Flight ET343) was traveling from Khartoum to Addis Ababa when the pilots nodded off and flew past the runway, continuing their route.

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Air traffic control tried to contact the pilots multiple times, but could not get a hold of them.

When the pilots flew past the landing point, the autopilot disengaged, setting an alarm that woke them up.


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Yesterday, 20th August 2022. Ethiopian Airlines Group suspended the pilot crew pending an investigation after they lost communication with air-traffic control in Addis Ababa before later landing safely.

This is bizarre and unbelievable, but it does happen sometimes.


Story by: Updul Hakim

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