Easy ways to generate income from your website as a beginner.

As a blogger sometimes it is very difficult to generate income as a bigger. It is very frustrating where a lot of investments are made but nothing comes out. These are few steps to generate income as a starter.

  1. Sell Advertising Space: Buying and selling ad space can be one of the most profitable methods of generating revenue on a website. You can choose to display ads from certain platforms such as Google AdWords, Adsense, and you can even create your own ad network for DIY advertisers if you want to be more in control.
  2. Establish Affiliate Programs: By establishing an affiliate program, you can attract businesses seeking to promote their products on your site, and then you get a purchase commission every time they make a sale.
  3. Promote and Sell Products: You can also create product pages on your website and promote these products to increase sales.
  4. Recurring Subscriptions: Another popular way to generate income on a website is through recurring subscriptions. You can offer a subscription-based model for digital services such as software development, web hosting, etc.
  5. Create and Sell Courses: Although it may seem very difficult, reading online can help you acquire so much information which can help you put important information together and sell to generate income.

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