College of Education to Sit for entrance exams from 2023

According to the government, entrance tests will be required starting in 2023 for applicants seeking admission to colleges of education.

This is due to the many teachers’ test scripts for acquiring a teacher’s license having badly worded answers, which has raised concerns among those involved in the educational sector.

The test will be centered on two key subjects: English and Mathematics, according to Chief Director at the Ministry of Education Divine Ayidzoe, who was speaking with stakeholders at a conference on teacher training.

“If we are talking about teacher quality, I think it is time. Even the licensure exams data shows that, trained teachers who have written BECE, WASSCE and undergone scrutiny at UCC and UEW cannot write a single sentence. How are they going to teach? So there is a call that from next year, entrance exams in Mathematica and English should be conducted so that, we get the best to enter our Colleges of Education”, he said.

The teacher licensing examination, which was launched in 2018 to provide instructors with the necessary credentials to work in Ghana, sparked debate there.

Some have recommended that, rather than holding the exam, the curriculum be revised to include licensing in the course curriculum.

The opposition National Democratic Congress said that the way the tests were administered was not the greatest, despite the government’s insistence that there was nothing wrong with the procedure.

Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, the education minister, has stated that his department is implementing new tactics to lower the failure rate seen in the teacher licensure examinations. The majority of instructors who took the tests in March 2021 failed at least two courses, therefore this was a response to it.

Concerns have been raised by the National Union of Ghana Students and Teacher Trainees on the test failure rate.

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