Boot for Boot- IGP Dampare Replies Nigel Gaisie

The menace of pastors’ prophecies of doom over celebrities did not start today. Just when we thought it died down a bit, Nigel Gaisie has released new prophecies.

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Among these prophecies, the 14 was about the IGP, despite the fact that a stern warning was sent against prophecies prior to 31st Night.

According to Nigel, God has revealed to him that the IGP will be sacked from his job.

Well, the IGP has subtly reacted to Nigel’s doom prophecy about him, encouraging all and sundry not to panic probably because of doom prophecies.

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“I want to assure you that individually, be convinced in your hearts and in your minds, that nobody born of a man or a woman can alter your destiny, when that happens, then there is no God”, he said.

“What it means is that God who has destined you for something can just sit down and look and allow a human being to change that thing, just imagine that. So, whatever you go through, they are all calculated in order for your destiny to be accomplished,” he stressed.

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