All you have to know about the leading event and ushering services in Africa, “ PEEJAY Event & Ushering Service”.

One of the leading brands in the event world is PEEJAY Events & Ushering Service, the unbeatable and reliable event service has been one of the few top brands in Ghana.

Over the years they have worked on renowned projects across the country, making them one of the best event and ushering services with high level of professionalism.

PEEJAY Events & Ushering services provides exclusive event planning and management consultations, waitering services, ticket sales, dowry carriage & pallbearers, event ushering & protocols, conference registration, freezing & cooling services, ushering training, brand activation, rentals, engagement & favor wrapping.

Peejay event & Ushering service is well known for it quality of services and professionalism, giving customers great satisfaction and it moderate charge rate.

Speaking to the CEO of PEEJAY Event & Ushering Services Mrs.Perkins Commey Otoo, elaborated more on the need why PEEJAY Event & Ushering Services is one of the trusted brands in the event business and why everyone should patronize their services.

“We have what it takes to make your event a top notch even with little budgets involve. Our ushers are well trained and can do their work diligently with little or no supervision, hitting one professionalism as a hallmark. Although there are a lot of brands doing exactly what we do, we at Peejay are intentional in giving our customers value for money and create long lasting experience”.

The event hub can be located at Sowutuom-Accra, can be reached on 0548725131/ 0549151474 or [email protected]

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