A Prominent Person Will Die This Year- Owusu Bempah Scares Ghanaians

The founder and leader of Glorious Word Power Ministries International, Owusu Bempah has caused fear and panic in Ghana.

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The man of God has dropped scary prophecies he claims God revealed to him last night, 31st December, 2022.

This comes after the IGP had warned prophets in Ghana not to prophesy on 31st Night.

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Let us check some of them below;

1. Local airline could get involved in an accident that could shock the nation, aviation authorities must be careful. 2023 will witness a lot of plane crashes, we will be hearing of many more.

2. COVID, I saw a spirit from muddy waters straddling north, south, east, and west. Sun looked at the spirit and did nothing, the world could experience another serious ailment. The sun asked sons of men to do something about it.

3. A prominent tree in a forest was chopped off by a cutlass and trees were wailing. The trees were Ghanaians, and the chopped tree was a prominent person.

4. US-branded planes releasing missiles and a dragon trying to strike it but is unable to do so. America could enter a war that will affect or engulf the world

5. Another prominent Ghanaian may be lost, and the Christian fraternity must intensify their prayers.

6. Four spirits have opened their mouths wide and are baying for the blood of men, as instructed by a voice

7. Deadly floods are likely to happen, and it is important to undertake basic activities like desilting gutters and creating more

8. A lot of youth deaths on the horizon

9. Issues of occultism and ritualism will also be on the ascendency

10. If we are not careful, a coup could take place. I saw arms without bodies holding weapons and undertaking destructive actions. The hand was swift and untraceable, its target was the presidency.

11. A prominent person will travel to seek medical care but won’t return

12. Lots of policemen will be lost unless we pray otherwise, they’d be lost through the exchange of bullets.

13. Things are tough in the nation, but I saw a pit and a giant in it. That hole was filled with darkness and the giant was squeezing Ghana into the valley then a hand from above was rescuing some people

14. Civil wars could break out in some African countries, and they’d be reported on CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, etc. there is the need for prayers and more prayers

15. Finances will be tough but those faithful to God will have it easy.

16. There shall be lots of marriages this year

17. There is a white cloud from God on the land but there are some spirits that want to block it and it led to a struggle. If prayers are enough, things will not

18. Accidents could be rampant this year but if people pray, if the nation prays, God will release fire from heaven to cure these accidents. NRSC should be on their game

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